Orly Reminds Me To Enjoy The Journey

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Orly’s story touched me right away. According to the personal and emotional messages and emails that you sent me in response to the first time I wrote about her – it seems that this pure and special girl also touched you.

Last time I took pictures of the family in the winter – falling leaves and sweaters…whereas now it was in the height of the hot summer when I visited New York. You can see the contrast in the pictures which reflect the hot season. The sea, carousel in the park, short sleeves…I love photographing families in different seasons. I think it creates a complete picture.

The last time I was a stranger to Orly; she kept her distance and refused to give me her hand or kiss me. This time, however, I immediately felt she instantly recognized my voice and touch. It is incredible to think that we’re talking about a little 3-year old girl that met me only once about half a year ago. It’s an amazing manifestation of the high level of non-visual senses HaShem gives blind people. She hugged me and the gentle feeling of her arms around me melted me like ice cream on a hot day.

Orly’s mother is a young woman who became a friend. Her outlook on life, her happiness in any situation and the effort she puts into her daughters – they’re a living lesson for me. She dressed Orly in a matching dress and hat for pictures on the beach. Her sweet look reminded both of us of Madeleine.

Ariela, the younger sister of Orly, who was last time just a little baby, has become an energetic and curious little girl – as her mother calls her a little yenta. It was challenging to take pictures of both of them together. We bought them milk and cookies. While they were busy with them, I was able to take pictures of them. Don’t they look sweet together?

The ending was surprising. We got to one of Orly’s favorite parks and her mother sang for her “go down the slide” in a certain tune. Orly, who loves music, giggled and sang it after her. Despite the simplistic appearance of the playground setting, in my eyes these were powerful pictures. They convey true feelings of happiness.

Let me finish with a quote that I love. Life is like a carousel – sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down and sometimes you just go round and round. Just remember to enjoy the ride.

Every day experiences

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One of my favorite sessions in photography is a day in a life.
On that day, I come to your house, and I focus on your personal and unique lifestyle.

This whole subject is fascinates me …

Think about it, this is really your life! Years later you will see and show how you raised your children… How your house looked at that time.

Before each scene, I make sure that everything around will be clean, neat and perfect. Well, maybe not exactly like your every day … But let’s freeze the moments that you want to remember … If you insist to keep the mess – It will actually be a creative challenge for me to keep it for you too!

There is something very personal, which changes from family to family. If you notice, how the routine remains the same – we all get up and go to sleep, shower and eat, shop and cook – for each family The result is something completely different! So every day like this – is for me an adventure, and an original and suprising album.

Remember Fruma from the sea session?
I was thrilled when she invited me to photograph their day in the life in Lakewood!

Take an example of a classic family scene of baking cookies. Mothers often give up the pleasure, so the kitchen will remain bright and clean… But, honestly, tell me, Isn’t this worth all the mess for one delicious kiss covered with chocolate and sprinkles! It surely worth it!

How many times do you do laundry when your children are running around you, putting their hands in the fresh and warm clothing that just came out from the dryer..
Isn’t it great how we can take the simple household chores and make them into fun warm and loving family activities?

It Was a real pleasure to capture unique moments in another day in a life, with results of so many wonderful images, it was hard for me to choose the most favorite pictures, simply because I love them all! Here is a taste,Enjoy!

If you would like to invest in a special day of a day in life, an extraordinary session – you already know where to find me.:-)